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Point Cloud Integration allows VR Digital Twin Creation

Kinemagic, the software company creating evolutionary AR and VR experiences, has announced that its proprietary software Stratus now features Point Cloud Integration. This entirely new feature promises to reshape how massive facilities are designed and maintained by providing point cloud overlay onto CAD models for highly accurate representations of real-world assets.

Kinemagic’s Point Cloud Integration tool is ideally timed for this year’s shifting of facility investment dollars. As owners refocus on achieving greatest ROI from existing facilities rather than constructing new spaces, laser scans become essential when considering the condition of aging structures during project design and construction planning. The Point Cloud Integration tool supports this emphasis on enhancing yield at lowest cost and risk.

‘When someone captures 360° laser scans of an environment, we can overlay that real-time point cloud over the CAD model. This affords a VR view of how construction or repair is going while also ensuring that any design fits seamlessly with an existing facility,’ said Brian Lozes, Kinemagic CEO and founder. ‘Enhancement like this is unprecedented with massive data sets and ushers in an entirely new level of design precision.’

Stratus currently converts CAD models for massive facilities into immersive VR experiences. Multiple users can collaborate- virtually – in their digital twin, identifying design errors and enhancing safety before construction begins. With Stratus’ new Point Cloud Integration, point clouds can be viewed in VR, or more powerfully, can be overlaid onto the facility’s CAD design in VR.

The Point Cloud Integration tool can easily overlay laser scans from 10s to 100s of gigabytes in file size and accepts multiple formats including las, laz, binary ply, xyz, ptx, or pts.

Stratus’s digital twins convert massive scale CAD designs to immersive VR experiences with one click, reducing conversion time from weeks or months to hours or days. Stratus also allows users to import meta data into VR directly from CAD designs, and use tools like note- and measurement-taking. The Point Cloud Integration Tool brings that functionality to new levels, with greater visual accuracy and enhancement. This is, effectively, a ‘mic drop moment’ for massive data visualization.

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