Perceptron Secures Robotic Gauging Order

Perceptron has announced it received an order from a leading global appliance manufacturer to measure oven cavities.

“Manufacturers are often looking for a partner to help them automate their measurement in the most efficient way,” commented Rick Van Valkenburg, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing for Perceptron. “This specific manufacturer turned to Perceptron based on our extensive experience with high-speed measurement in the automotive industry. Their pursuit of automation in their manufacturing process made measuring on the plant floor the next logical step and Perceptron the most suitable solution.”

The turnkey system consists of a robot, a single Helixevo sensor, and a portable base for movement around the manufacturing floor. The cavities will be measured at multiple points in the manufacturing process to ensure proper build dimensions. This allows the manufacturer to root cause any variation their build process is adding to the assembly. For example, the oven cavities can be measured in their raw metal state and again after the enamel is baked on to determine if the enamel application caused dimensional changes. The Helixevo sensor has the dynamic range to easily handle the different material finishes.

As emphasized through industry veteran Jay Freeland’s appointment as Chairman of the Board, Perceptron continues to focus on core competencies and market share penetration within the automotive industry, while pursuing growth within adjacent industries as well.

“Perceptron’s robust technology and automotive experience was instrumental in establishing this relationship,” continued Van Valkenburg. “Our proven plant floor technology and execution team is designed and trained to provide solutions for high throughput manufacturing facilities where quality and time is critical.”

The system is currently in design with installation scheduled for winter 2019.

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