Perceptron Launch Machine Tending Robot Guidance Solution

Perceptron has  announced  the release of its AutoGuideMT product for machine tending robotic guidance applications. AutoGuideMT features Helixevo 3D scanning sensors and a software package targeted to simplify the automation of loading, unloading, and locating parts in the manufacturing assembly line. The ‘designed-for-guide’ sensor provides a large field-of-view and standoff that are optimized to handle large placement variation with enough accuracy that complex, precision fixtures and tooling are no longer required.

The intuitive interface includes powerful software tools, allowing for simple setup with scan-to-CAD calibration, smart algorithms, and a ‘heads-up’ dashboard. This next-generation product was designed to take the guesswork and hassle out of robot guidance, delivering “ease of use” and an increased value proposition to customers.

Perceptron’s expertise is plant floor solutions, and AutoGuideMT was created with plant floor needs and operators in mind,” said Rick Van Valkenburg, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing for Perceptron. “This unique solution is low maintenance, robust, and focused on quick setup and recovery. The solution’s built-in tools auto calibrate to the part CAD without the need for laser trackers or special targets, and only one sensor acquisition is required to locate parts, facilitating high through-put while. providing users with reduced tooling costs, increased efficiency, and improved accuracy and quality.”

AutoGuideMT supports all major robot brands and communication requirements, and is capable of supporting one or more robots, while scalable up to 16 Helixevo sensors for multiple models.

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