Perceptron Awarded European Multi-Plant Automotive Gauging Project

Perceptron, Inc., a leading global provider of 3D automated metrology solutions has announced that a prominent global automotive manufacturer has selected Perceptron as their preferred supplier for in-line dimensional gauging systems in Europe over the next three years.

“This order is a strategic win for Perceptron and reinforces our unique competitive advantage in the automated inspection market,” commented Franck Bougon, Perceptron’s EMEA Director of Sales and Marketing.  “With each new order, we continue to prove our leadership role in 100 percent in-line inspections, testing well above our peers in extensive head-to-head benchmarking.”

“A key market differentiator is our Absolute Accurate system,” added Bougon. “Absolute Accuracy ensures optimal system performance and provides immediate quality information from the first part measured. The added value this capability brings – specifically for new model launch projects – sets Perceptron apart for current projects as well as future project wins.”

Installation is progressing for two plants which will receive multiple Helix gauging systems to automatically measure, record, and provide real-time feedback on key dimensional aspects of the vehicle from initial launch to full production. The systems will also be connected to Perceptron’s Central Server for high-level management process monitoring and reporting. All stations for the first plant are scheduled to be completed by early 2018.

Helix is Perceptron’s family of 3D scanning sensors that incorporates state of the art technology with sophisticated optics and mechanics. The laser line quantity, density, length and orientation characteristics are all user configurable and eliminate the need to physically move the sensor over the part while scanning. This flexibility enables scanning of multiple features from a single sensor position. Helix is designed for fast and precise measurement of complex geometries on the plant floor.

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