Perceptron Announces Order for Multi-Robot AccuSite Measuring Solution

Perceptron has announced receiving their first order for a two-robot AccuSite® optical tracking solution for in-line metrology.

“The AccuSite architecture supports multiple Trackers allowing us to accurately track up to eight robots in a cell. All Trackers and robots are connected to each other, providing maximum flexibility in system design and layout. Measuring in-line is the most cost-effective solution for quality control. No manpower is needed to load parts or put them back into the process once measurement is complete. There is no need for dedicated CMM fixtures or CMM correlation since AccuSite provides traceable measurement directly in the manufacturing process,” commented Rick Van Valkenburg, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing for Perceptron.

Perceptron has combined over 35 years of metrology and manufacturing experience to create a truly absolute, no-compromise automated metrology solution that is designed for the plant floor. Paired with Perceptron’s Helix®evo sensors, the system can produce scan data or measure features like threaded holes, studs and edges with no targets, inserts, or sprays. AccuSite turns the robots into simple movers by eliminating all the robots’ mechanical drift and temperature influence from the measurement results, in real-time through a single interface.

Van Valkenburg added, “We have received our first order for a two-robot in-line AccuSite solution measuring battery carriers for a new electric vehicle. This project requires measurement of over 60 features measured within 70 seconds. The accuracy and measurement throughput requirements were only achievable with Perceptron’s multi-robot AccuSite solution.”

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