PartID Captures Position and Part Orientation For Metrology Automation

In manufacturing, the handshake between man and machine continues to be important to efficiency and quality.  This hand-off was critical during a recent deployment of 3D Infotech’s Universal Metrology Automation system for robotic 3D scanning and inspection. With variety in part size and geometry, there was a need to eliminate complex fixturing, while also ensuring the correct part was loaded in the correct location.

In order to accomplish this, 3D Infotech developed ‘PartID’, a software that easily integrates with any 2D camera.  PartID captures the position and orientation of the part, providing operator feedback during placement in the system.  Live feedback includes part position outline, direction arrows, and measured confidence levels.  Turning green once the confidence percentage crosses a user-defined threshold, the operator may then proceed to run the automated inspection program.  Confidence levels that don’t meet the threshold prevent the system from proceeding onto the next operation, reducing the chance an error could be made.  The robotic scanning system program cannot be executed without verification from PartID.

The type of applications where PartID can be implemented can extend beyond the initial application. Any operation that requires verification of part placement and location can utilize simplified PartID solution.  The camera can be mounted as an overhead station or even mounted to the end-effector of a robot.  Collaborative robots especially pose as an excellent example where there is an ever growing need for man to work alongside machine.

PartID Features include:

  • Live visual guidance to operator
  • User defined confidence thresholds
  • Simplified program setup
  • Supports communication protocols 3rd party applications.

PartID Applications:

  • Presence/Absence detection
  • Positional Verification
  • Assembly Verification/Completeness

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