Out of The Box Laser Vision Scanner

The VISIONSCANNER2 (VS2) has an integrated CPU and measures the contours of an object through laser triangulation and allows for a robust inspection of geometrical features. A multitude of properties of the supplied  VISION ELEMENTS Software enables users to solve simple as well as complex tasks for industrial applications.

VS2 offers simple set-up using delivered standard measuring tools allowing the sensor to solve most common measuring tasks including position, two points relationship, surface area, angle, and gaps.

VS2 principle applications include measuring and robot guidance and provides for sensor integration within the shortest time. The easy to use integrated graphical user interface requires no programming skills.

Robot Guidance:

The Single Spot guidance solution measures local part tolerances prior to the application and delivers 3D data for correction of the application points providing precise robot positioning allowing the specified product quality to be achieved.

The Multi Spot guidance solution measures the part at several features and delivers a 6D correction vector for correction of the robot application program. Typical application include adhesive laying, welding or assembly processes that require precise positioning of path or part.

Several VS2 model variants are available offering sensor triangulation angles of 30°, 37° or 45°, resolution down to 0.035mm per pixel, and measurement range from 25mm – 250mm.

The VS2 was recently awarded the German magazine inspect 2018 award in the automation category and was featured in the recent metrology.news Porsche application story.

For more information: www.ai-engrotec.de