Origin Apps Improves Comparative Gauging Programming Productivity

An update of Origin Apps has been released by Origin International which boosts in-process inspection throughput for companies using Renishaw Equator™ comparator gauge.  Companies with a large variety of parts and frequent changeovers can now program their Equator Gauge directly utilizing Origin Apps.

The first step for in-process inspection on the shop floor remains to measure a sample production part on a CMM in a climate-controlled metrology laboratory. Next, the technician imports the CMM program and the CMM results file into the Origin APP where it automatically generates the Renishaw Modus inspection program and the associated CAL file – the record of the deviations on the sample part from nominal. By automating these steps, Origin APPs enable inspection technicians to handle the programming of a larger volume of parts.

Origin APPs are a stand-alone version of Origin’s industry-leading translators, customized for specific CMM brands, including industry leaders Zeiss and Hexagon. Origin Apps have added support for a number of powerful Calypso and PC-DMIS features that used to require manual editing in the Renishaw Modus software.

The latest release of Origin Apps adds support for the following PC-DMIS and Calypso features along with over a dozen additional enhancements:

  • Variable assignment
  • 2D and 3D best-fit alignments
  • Generic feature construction
  • Input comments
  • CAL file by feature

For more information: www.originintl.com