Optical Upgrade Turns Tactile CMM Into Multi-Sensor

The global race towards intelligent production is increasingly driving the use of advanced automation technologies, such as machine vision (VM). Machine vision has become an essential technology in production and quality control. VM is quickly becoming an essential element for the 4.0-enabled smart factory infrastructure.

The VM is an essential element for the intelligent factory infrastructure allowing the intelligent exchange of information between sensors, devices and machines. These systems have demonstrated their cost-effectiveness in the inspection, measurement and detection of components in production to improve consistency, productivity and quality in general.

NM3D Ibérica, a metrology solutions provider in Portugal and Spain, has introduce a new measurement methodology that integrates a vision system with a coordinate measuring machine (CMM). The system is characterized by the integrated use of a high precision CMM, a vision system and advanced computer software, as well as a high speed turntable.

The integrated optical system provides numerous enhanced CMM measurement capabilities, such as detecting the presence or absence of component characteristics, such as cavities, injection elements and the presence of deformations etc. The vision camera is coupled to the CMM with a versatile and minimalist system and without altering its operation. With the option of the high speed turntable, it is possible to orient the component to be analyzed in the correct position for analysis, allowing the evaluation of the entire part to be completely automated.

This system can be integrated into existing dimensional and quality control procedures. The readings are performed by obtaining frames in several predetermined positions, automatically, with the aid of the turntable. The dedicated software allows to evaluate several characteristics, through quick comparison, generating an error notification that alerts the operator whenever an anomaly is detected.

The integrated measuring system significantly reduces inspection time, accelerating the detection of non-conformities and contributes to the improvement of product quality in general.

For more information: www.nm3diberica.com