Optical Shaft Inspection Supports Growth

Specialist sliding head machining subcontracting Trust Precision Engineering produces precision components predominantly for the aerospace sector and has grown and developed quickly. Inevitably, though, such rapid growth has presented Trust with a new set of challenges. How, for example, to turn out vastly increased volumes at the same high quality that its growing portfolio of customers demand as standard?

To solve this particular conundrum, the Nottingham, UK based company turned to Vicivision UK, a leading supplier of optical, non-contact turned-part measurement machines and quality control systems dedicated to improving efficiency in production, reducing down time and increasing productivity.

Nick Street, Managing Director of Trust Precision Engineering, said: “The amount of components we were producing meant we were struggling to keep up with the amount of inspections we would like to have done on a component. There was an obvious need for extra equipment.

“I already had a piece of measuring equipment capable for our requirements when we originally started, so we went back to the supplier to see what they had.

“They demonstrated their shaft measuring machine, which appeared fine, but we decided against it after visiting a high-end medical customer. Using this equipment they’d struggled with gauge repeatability and reproducibility so only used it on more basic components, and they’d already had to upgrade. When researching that piece of equipment I came across Vicivision UK. The machine specifications were impressive, the speed and the ease of programming and the actual inspection time was very quick – it covered everything.”

Vicivision machines deliver the fastest measurement using a combination of video and light projection, providing top-of-the-range performance in a practical, robust and compact design compatible with shop-floor environments

Trust Precision Engineering currently has two M304 Techno machines, which provide benchmark reliability in measuring cylindrical parts and enable fast and efficient batch changing. Their design makes immediate inspection available next to multiple machining centers, to more than one operator, bringing about a reduction in down time as there is no need to leave the production environment.

Investing in technology that guarantees long-term time and money savings made perfect sense for Mr Street. He added: “Non-conforming components were becoming too frequent internally because we just couldn’t keep up with the inspection. What I’ve seen over the years is you can get so focused on a particular critical dimension or area of a component that sometimes something less critical goes under the radar and ends up being wrong, whereas with Vicivision you check everything externally and nothing gets missed. On a single machine alone, in six months to a year you’ll get your ROI back.”

For more information: www.vicivision.com