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Optical Sensor Uses Water Vapor to Neutralize Reflectivity

NEXTSENSE, a Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence company, and a specialist in automotive gap and flush inspection is launching its new Calipri CB20 with patented CaliBreeze™ technology that enables the measurement of surfaces that were previously not measurable. Transparent materials like glass or plastics as well as any painted surface or highly reflective chromium parts can be measured easily and reliably.

The unique combination of blue laser technology from the NextSense Calipri C12 sensor and the use of water vapor to neutralize reflectivity issues brings the measurementof gap and flush to a next level states the company.

The patented CaliBreeze technology uses microscopic water droplets to produce optical contrast on surfaces that are not measureable with conventional optical technology. It is described as the same process as breathing on your glasses to clean them and allows the elimination of errors and outliers caused by poor reflectivity. The water droplets evaporate within seconds without leaving any residue on the measurement object.

Calipri CB20 with CaliBreeze key features:

  • Material independent: fast, precise and repeatable gap and flush measurement on any kind of surfaces
  • Harmless: No saftey issues due to dangerously high-power or UV-lasers because Calipri CB20 utilizes 100% visible light according to lasers class 2M and the use of water only
  • Cost-efficient: use of standard sensor technology reduces initial investment costs as well as low operational costs due to long-life sensors and negligible costs for water only
  • Reliable: Calipri CB20 utilizes the advantages of the well proven Calipri principle

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