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Optical Robot Tracking Order Removes Part & Process Variation

Perceptron has announced receiving an order for nine AccuSite® optical tracking systems for precision robot guidance and metrology applications.

“Perceptron continues to innovate with our manufacturing partners by developing technology to maximize solution value. We have expanded our AccuSite technology beyond accurate in-line metrology to provide the greatest possible precision for robot guidance applications,” commented Rick Van Valkenburg, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing for Perceptron.

In robot guidance applications no part is perfect, and no process is perfect; therefore, there are two goals to achieve optimal part placement. Goal one is removing the variation introduced by these two factors. To achieve this, Helix sensors are installed around the assembly to measure key locating features and then send an offset to the robot to correctly place the part in the assembly. Goal two is removing the variation caused by any changes in the robot due to temperature and mechanical drift. An AccuSite Star is mounted on the robot’s end-of-arm tooling and the AccuSite Tracker captures its precise position. Based on this measurement, a secondary offset is calculated and sent to the robot ensuring precise placement.

Van Valkenburg added, “Perceptron provides the most flexible set of solutions in the industry allowing for the implementation of state-of-the-art applications like this one. In this project we are utilizing fixed and robot mounted sensors, absolute accurate optical tracking, and data sharing across systems to minimize sensor count and footprint, improve overall system performance, and reduce measurement cycle times.”

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