Optical Projector Improves Machining and Inspection of Autoclaved Composite Parts

UK based Reverie Ltd has improved its machining accuracy and quality inspection capability with the Baty R14 FT2-E Profile Projector. The Baty R14 provides Reverie with high accuracy non-contact measurement and inspection of autoclaved carbon fibre composite parts, and a method of checking CNC tool cutter diameters and wear to improve CNC machining accuracy.

Reverie s a highly accomplished and skilled carbon fibre composite design, repair and manufacturing company. With over 15 years of experience crafting the finest autoclaved carbon fibre composite parts from alloy or carbon composite tooling, they supply bespoke or batch produced high quality carbon fibre parts. They also offer a diverse range of carbon composite parts for the electronics, communications, marine, home, construction and automotive markets.

As a leading name in the automotive industry for the design and manufacture of advanced autoclaved composite components, Reverie has recently used the Baty R14 Profile Projector to measure the tolerance of key fob trims for a British manufacturer of luxury, high-performance sports cars. Reverie produces a high volume of the key fob trims, and required a quick and easy method of measuring parts to a tolerance of +/- 0.1mm to ensure precise consistency and the highest quality product.

Peter Farndell, Design and Manufacturing Engineerat Reverie said: “The Baty R14 unit is perfect for checking any suspect parts that are identified during visual checking, or for checking and validating any client returns for fit errors. It works excellently for these particular applications.”

Reverie chose the Baty unit when they discovered that they were unable to measure the parts with their Portable Arm CMM due to touch pressure required due to the flexible nature of the parts. The Baty unit was a faster and simpler option and boasts automatic profile edge detection.

“The Baty unit makes measuring difficult parts that are too flexible to be held easier and quicker” said Peter. “The accuracy of the measurement is consistent and perfect for our needs”

Reverie Ltd also uses the Baty Profile Projector to check CNC tool cutter diameters and wear to improve its CNC machining accuracy. It’s important that the wear on the CNC tools is monitored carefully, as damage to the tool such as nicks and chips have a negative impact on the patterns, molds, and components.

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