New Generation of Optical Measuring Solution for the Production Shaft Checking

Marposs has introduced its latest addition to the industrial gauging solutions portfolio. Optoquick™ shaft measurement machine is a high precision gauging solution, designed for the shop floor environment and integrating Marposs multi-sensing technologies for the widest variety of gauging requirements. Optoquick helps line operators with fast and precise quality control of shafts, directly beside the manufacturing machines, eliminating any waste of time in operations and increasing productivity.

Optoquick is the perfect solution for flexible manufacturing

Due to the combination of tactile and optical technologies, the Optoquick shaft measurement  unit delivers superior gauging capabilities as well as flexibility, at the highest levels of its category. In addition to any typical optical measurements, as diameters, radii or run-outs, the Optoquick can easily inspect key-slots and concave profiles, not available through shadow casting analysis.

Optoquick is the perfect solution for flexible manufacturing: broad measuring range, part capacity up to 1200 mm in length, motorized tailstock for part change, as well as manual and automatic loading options. Multiple gauging programs can be loaded into a single machine, enabling the operator to measure different parts in sequence with the maximum simplicity, as scanning a barcode to automatically activate the right measuring setup.

Optoquick is extremely fast and precise

“In design, we targeted the most demanding requirements for precision gauging controls in the shop floor” says Roland Lang, Sales and Marketing Manager of the Flexible Gauging Systems at headquarters. “We have worked hard on the core gauging technologies with the goal to overcome traditional trade-offs and to develop a superior solution for the industry. The result has been outstanding: Optoquick is extremely fast and precise at the same time, guaranteeing its best performance even at high working temperatures, when installed in tough industrial environments. We  also succeeded in the challenge to harmonize a superior flexibility with the best simplicity in the regular use: activities like loading and control of a new part or validating a gauging result are fast as convenient for operators and do not require any specialized expertise”.

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