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Optical Measuring Machine Offers Automatic Part Detection and Interchangeable Lighting

The ZEISS O-DETECT optical measuring machine offers intuitive operation, high-quality imaging and flexible lighting for precise measurements in an instant. The optical measurement system is suitable for a wide variety of components but excels with those that are best left untouched.

Automatic Component Location

A key element of ZEISS O-DETECT is its high-quality camera. Due to sophisticated processing software and new auto-focus function, the images taken by the camera are transformed into precise measurement results. Another essential component of ZEISS O-DETECT is, the first in its class, overview digital zoom camera which provides a large field of view with integrated 5-megapixel camera sensor. This system automatically locates the component to be measured without the need for user interaction saving time and increases the machine’s throughput.

O-DETECT offers a measuring volume of 300 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm with length measuring errors of 1.9µm+L/150 µm (2D) and 2.4µm+L/150 µm (3D) per ISO-10360.

Versatile and Exchangeable Lighting

High-quality lighting plays a key role in achieving precise measurement results. ZEISS O-DETECT provides different illumination options for every measurement challenge. A versatile and easily exchangeable ring light for general part top lighting with options for lighting shiny workpieces, or optimized lighting for challenging edges.

O-DETECT is supplied with ZEISS ZAPHIRE, a fully 3D software package, with simple workflows and requiring only 2 training days. Coupled with the full-color overview camera the software makes part navigation more ergonomic and intuitive.

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