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Optical Inspection System Generates 75 Million 3D Data Points per Second

Cyberoptics will unveil its new Multi-Reflection Suppression™ (MRS) enabled 3D and 2D WX3000 Metrology and Inspection systems for wafer-level and advanced packaging applications at the upcoming virtual SEMICON West show.

Incorporating the NanoResolution MRS sensor, the WX3000 Metrology and Inspection systems enable the ultimate combination of high speed, high resolution and high accuracy for wafer-level and advanced packaging, to improve yields and productivity.

Performing two to three times faster than alternate technologies at data processing speeds in excess of 75 million 3D data points per second, the NanoResolution MRS sensor-enabled WX3000 systems deliver throughput greater than 25 wafers per hour. 100% 3D and 2D metrology and inspection can be completed simultaneously at high speed, as compared to an alternate, slow method that requires two separate scans for 3D and 2D and only a sampling of a few die.

NanoResolution MRS sensor

The proprietary NanoResolution MRS sensor, deemed best in class, meticulously identifies and rejects multiple reflections caused by shiny and mirror-like surfaces. Effective suppression of multiple reflections is critical for highly accurate measurements.

“With the growing complexity and variety of advanced packaging, the need for highly accurate, 100% 3D and 2D metrology and inspection continues to increase,” said Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, President and CEO, CyberOptics, “Our MRS-Enabled WX3000 systems provide not only high resolution and high accuracy, they perform 2-3x faster than alternative technologies.”

WX3000 systems are designed specifically for various wafer-level and advanced packaging applications including wafer bumps, solder balls and bumps, gold bumps and copper pillars. The systems provide superior measurement and inspection performance for features down to 25-micron, including bump height, coplanarity, diameter and shape, relative location and a variety of other measurements.

CyberOptics will launch a WX3000 system for 12” and 8” wafers and a WX3000 system for 8” and 6” wafers.

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