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Optical Inspection Fixture Handles Multiple Variants

Topometric GmbH, Germany has developed a multi-door flexible fixture for with an optical inspection system that allows model-specific individual automotive door fixtures to be a thing of the past. With only a single fixture, all automotive doors, for different vehicle models, can be accommodated including both inner and outer door panels and complete door assemblies.

The fixture is designed such that only the door support and contact points have to be adapted between model variants. Inner and outer door panels can be measured in one clamping process. The multi-door flexible inspection fixture saves both significant costs and traditional fixture storage space.

In addition, since there is no time lost in loading and unloading of traditional dedicated door fixtures, the optical coordinate measuring machine’s capacities can be increased by up to 50 percent. Measuring technicians are also less fatigued by the constant manual workpiece fixture exchanges which also significantly increases the throughput of the expensive optical measuring machines.

Topometric GmbH, founded in 2001, is one of Gernany’s leading service centers in the field of industrial 3D measurement technology. With many many years of experience, Topometric is active in most industries and offer a wide range of services and expertise including both optical and tactile 3D measurement technology, and the individual planning and creation of automated, optical robot measuring cells, industrial computer tomography as well as fixture and gauge design and manufacturing.

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