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Optical Cylinder Inspection

CylinderInspector, from Opto, is an all-optical, non-contact inspection and measurement tool designed to inspect cylinder walls. It enables perfect optical inspection of honed surfaces in cast iron and aluminium, as well as the detailed analysis of composition and distribution of silicon crystals in aluminium. With darkfield and brightfield multi wavelength LED illumination, CylinderInspector is perfectly suited to imaging every type of honed cylinder surface – particularly sputter and plasma deposited surfaces. CylinderInspector has gained its heritage as the inspection instrument of choice amongst many automobile and engine manufactures internationally.

CylinderInspector offers a high end optical system with perfectly matched illumination ensuring optimum ‘in-cylinder´ image quality. The system offers non-contact, self centering system allows for easy insertion and removal offering a full 360° rotational view with variable insertion adjustment. Integrated brightfield and darkfield multi-wavelength LED allows full textural analysis.

CylinderInspector fits a wide variety of cylinders ranging from 60mm to 125mm in diameter; optical zoom and remote focus system allows the user to inspect the surface at different variable magnifications.

The powerful CylinderInspector software suite provides measurement and analysis of key parameters including automated hone angle measurement, and crystal distribution and is available in eyepiece, video, or fully automated versions.

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