Optical Comparator Fixturing Range Launched

R&R Fixtures, part of Renishaw, have added a full range of Optical Comparator fixturing to its modular CMM and Video Inspection Machine fixturing to satisfy customer inspection needs.

The R&R Comparator Fixture design allows full capacity to position, stabilize and allow inspection to be performed with complete access and viewing circumference around the part.

R&R Optical Comparator Vertical Fixture (with no part)

Customers can select from three options:

    • Fixturing plate with components
    • Rotational angle vise
    • Vertical fixture

All attach to the optical comparator rails via dovetails/jam nuts and can be used in conjunction with all other R&R modular fixturing components. Built for flexibility, ease of use, and most of all unobstructed viewing of parts on Optical Comparators.

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