Optical CMM Measures Small Cast Parts Automatically

At the recent UK GOM workshop, “3D Metrology in Casting and Foundry Processes“, it demonstrated the GOM ATOS ScanPort desktop Optical Coordinate Measuring Machine capable of measuring small parts up to 200mm in diameter.

ATOS ScanPort, comprising three motorized axis (rotation, swivel and linear) and three manual axis, can be utilized for metrology functions ranging from simple 3D scanning tasks associated with reverse engineering, rapid prototyping to fully automated shape and dimension analysis of manufactured components.

Repetitive part inspection is made easy using the GOM KIOSK software mode allowing operator level measurement of parts with fully automated data capture and automatic inspection report generation.

During the initial part inspection machine movements can be recorded using the Motion Replay software functionality eliminating all need for prior programming. Simple recording of scan positions using supplied space ball controller allows users to repeat measurement of identical parts using previously recorded measuring procedures that are simply called up.

Optical coordinate measuring machines (OCMM) are replacing tactile measuring systems and gages in many areas of industry. They capture more details and provide easier to interpret component part quality information in significantly shorter measuring times supplying full-field data providing deviations between the actual 3D coordinates and CAD data.  Since the acquired measuring data contains object information, in addition to the surface deviations from CAD, the software automatically derives GD&T, trimming and hole positions.

Accuracy of optical measuring machines is not due to precision structure mechanics but derived from their optoelectronics, precise image processing and mathematical algorithms. With optical measuring machines there is also no loss of accuracy due to long-term mechanical wear as with the tactile CMMs.

To perform full 360 degree part measurements on both sides of the component the part is ‘flipped over’ and the two resulting point clouds merged automatically by the software to form a full 3D analysis. For the cast Reinforcement Ring measured, as part of workshop demonstration, it was stated that repeatable measurements in the 10 micron range could be expected using the ATOS ScanPort OCMM.

For more information: www.gom.com