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Operator Guidance For Inspection and Assembly Processes

With its interactive process control, the new ZEISS GUARDUS module ‘Operator Guidance’ provides secure processes in the assembly as well as the efficient support of the operators of the plant. The ‘Manufacturing Execution System’ (MES) guides its users step by step through all the tasks, the necessary information such as assembly instructions for each operation as well as accompanying documents, bills of materials and pictures being proactively provided on individual screen forms. Moreover, the corresponding inspections and functions will be accurately prepared for the secure quality and production data collection.

“In addition to the active process control, the database-supported management of all the accompanying assembly documents considerably reduces the surrounding administrative burden”, says Simone Cronjäger, CEO of Carl ZEISS MES Solutions GmbH. With ZEISS GUARDUS, the creation, release and distribution of the digital documents and language versions take place literally at the click of a button. Obsolete or missing paper files as well as the risk of process disturbances related to them are now a thing of the past. “In many production companies, the assembly instructions are still created with enormous effort, regardless of whether they are Word, Excel or PDF documents”, says Cronjäger. Furthermore, the translation and distribution into various languages in order to standardise the defined quality level at all the sites also require effort. As if this were not enough: “The changes made on products and processes additionally push the costs and error rate higher. The new ZEISS GUARDUS module completely eliminates all these deficiencies”, continues Cronjäger.

The basis of the new interactive ‘Operator Guidance’ is the holistic MES know-how with regard to all the process, product and quality relevant data such as various master data and combination matrices as well as information from adjacent technical systems such as the ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ (ERP) for order data, bills of materials etc. or Document Management (DMS) for applicable documents, drawings, product pictures, etc.

Intuitive Interfaces Directly at the Workplace

In order to ensure that each process takes place in a rapid and reliable way in the assembly, ZEISS GUARDUS provides the inspection and assembly instructions online through intuitive interfaces at the workplace. The Manufacturing Execution System makes this possible by generating the related assembly order for each manufacturing order in a completely dynamic way. The unplanned actions, such as cancellation, interruption or repetition of actions, are also taken into consideration.

Due to this process flexibility, our new MES module can comply even with the most exigent requirements from the sectors of medical technology and aerospace engineering. All the rules on how data have to be handled, which are defined by the regulated environment, can be put into practice with the paperless documentation of ZEISS GUARDUS ‘Operator Guidance’”, says Cronjäger. During the individual work operations, not only the assembly of components are documented in a structured way, but also the inspection and test results are stored in a detailed way. The target is the creation of the ‘Electronic Device History Records’ according to the law as well as the seamless traceability. Replenished with functions for the audit trail and the electronic signature, the module can meet the highest demands of paperless manufacturing.

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