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On-Machine Surface Finish Measurement

BLUM surface roughness gauges are used for fast and automatic inspection of workpiece surfaces directly in CNC machining centres and turning machines. Specially designed for the harsh conditions in machine tools, the BLUM surface roughness gauges are an effective solution for improving workpiece accuracy and metal-cutting productivity.

The BLUM TC64-RG surface roughness gauge is designed specially for checking the surfaces of workpiece geometries providing on-machine automated and fast evaluation of surface roughness eliminating downstream testing. Output of roughness parameters are available as Ra, Rz, Rq, Rt, Rmax and Wt. The gauge uses a wear-free, optoelectronic measuring mechanism with high measuring resolution for maximum precision with a very low measuring force. Using reliable and proven transmission technology there is no influence from other radio systems.

The high-precision roughness gauge uses a face-geared measuring mechanism with defined deflection direction and constant deflection forces providing extremely fast measurements yielding maximum measuring accuracy even with off-centre probing.

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