On-Machine Measurement Software Partnership

Applied Automation Technologies, Inc. (AAT) and DMG MORI USA Inc. have announced a partnership for on-machine measuring software. They will offer this innovative technology as a solution within the DMG MORI Qualified Products (DMQP) program.

Having the ability to perform coordinate measurement machine (CMM) measurement and metrology tasks is an important part of Smart Machining manufacturing processes. CappsNC provides capabilities to quickly develop measurement programs offline and run these programs directly on CNC machine tools in a similar way to a CMM. Measurement results are used to adjust machining process parameters such as calculating precise work offsets, dynamic tool compensations and other critical data feedback in an automated process, together with providing complete part inspection and SPC reports.

AAT’s CEO Ray Karadayi stated, “This is a vital step in the digitalization of the manufacturing process that enables parts to be manufactured with highest level of precision with full confidence directly from the machining center. This partnership is great news for the manufacturing community as AAT and DMG MORI will jointly provide a complete solution allowing customers to achieve their manufacturing goals with less effort and lower costs.”

From Smart Machining to Smart Factory

The rich data generated from on-machine metrology can do much more than benefit the machine on which it was generated. The measurements collected by various sources can be stored in offline databases and smart algorithms can be used to help analyze and make decisions that ultimately enable the factory to function to produce good data.

For this to happen, the information needs to be made electronically available and distributed to all clients within a factory-wide network. The factory-wide digital network acts as a circulatory system—or, if you prefer, a nervous system—that not only receives and records information but also makes it immediately available where it is needed.

This, along with automatic part transfer and part loading using flexible systems such as robots, creates a system with no or very little human interference and enables lights-out manufacturing. Having the ability to transfer metrology information between systems and making systems use this information in an automated process eliminates expensive fixturing, part holding and even the need to have machine tools precisely aligned to each other. Transferring metrology information between systems in real-time and make automatic adjustments is what enables reliable precision part manufacturing at low costs.

For more information: www.aat3d.com