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Omega Announces Breakthrough Tool Presetter

The new Helios is described by the company, Omega Tool Measuring Machines (TMM), as the most affordable and well optioned heatshrink/presetting combination on the market. Standard features include 4 axis CNC, tool height setting, liquid chilled cooling collars, and automatic broken tool removal.

“Our new Helios is a triumph in customer focused engineering and innovation at an amazing price” said Ryan Meleg, Vice-President for Global Sales at Omega TMM.  Mike Nuccitelli, President & CEO, stated “I’m proud to say Team Omega listened to our customers, doing the impossible in record time in an extraordinary year. Customers will receive top performance from a US based company and superb reliability at a price point that nobody can measure up in the industry.”

The Omega TMM product line, including Helios feature dual ground precision ground guideways on each axis, sub-micron resolution glass scales, and high precision double recirculating ball bearings. Helios offers an inclusive cooling system preserving perfect fit & finish of tools, 100% error-free repeatable measurements and is backed with a 10 year warranty.

Other system features include:

  • C.H.I.L.L. automated 60 second tool cooling
  • +/- 20 microns
  • No extra “masterpiece” step required
  • Laser location finder to easily find tool tip
  • Fume extractor to remove all vapors produced from the heated tool
  • A fully integrated heat shrink and presetting unit
  • Up to 5 full CNC axes
  • Pearlitic cast iron construction with proprietary SYMMETRY design
  • Liquid cooled tray for hot cutting tools
  • Micron accurate fine adjust
  • LED tool inspection light
  • Automated unshrinking of damaged tools

Omega TMM has evolved from decades in the tool holder and presetter business, formerly known as Parlec Inc.

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