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NPL Makes e-Learning Metrology Training Courses Available Free

Operating remotely and working from home has become a new reality for many and employers, employees and students alike are all looking for ways to adapt. The UK’s National Measurement Institute (NPL), has always played a leading role in providing training in measurement science.

As part of the NPL’s response to this time of unprecedented change, NPL has made its full suite of e-Learning training courses available free of charge until 30 June 2020. Course costs, which vary up to £700, have been waived and the entire e-Learning catalogue is now available at no charge.

With the NPL e-Learning metrology training users can benefit from a variety of measurement training courses that can be accessed from any device, wherever and whenever suits you.

NPL e-Learning courses available free of charge, includes modules covering General Measurement applications, Dimensional Measurement and a range of Specialist Measurement courses across a variety of applications. Course modules provide participants with the opportunity to develop or extend their industry-applicable skills – across metrology, measurement and testing, and calibration in both general and specialist applications.

This e-Learning free of charge offer provides learners with the chance to learn from home at their own pace. NPL certificates will be provided in the same way as with fully paid e-Learning courses.

e-Learning enables user to work through courses at their own pace. e-learning courses include:

  • Geometrical Dimensioning & Tolerancing to ASME Y14.5: Level 1
  • Geometrical Dimensioning & Tolerancing to ASME Y14.5: Level 2
  • Geometrical Dimensioning & Tolerancing to BS 8888 and ISO Standards: Level 1
  • Geometrical Dimensioning & Tolerancing to BS 8888 and ISO Standards: Level 2
  • Geometrical Product Specification Explained
  • Dimensional Measurement User
  • Introduction to Measurement Uncertainty
  • Measurement Uncertainty Explained
  • Introduction to Metrology
  • Measurement Fundamentals Explained
  • Dimensional Measurement Applier
  • Portable 3D Metrology

A total of 36 e-learning classes are available.

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