NPFLEX 3D Optical Metrology System for Complex Geometry Parts

Bruker’s unique NPFLEX system, with its swivel head design, 300 mm XY motorized stage and long working distance objectives, addresses metrology of parts with complex angled geometries and provides a flexible, non-contact, 3D surface characterization system for the larger parts in aerospace, automotive, medical and precision machining industries.

The NPFLEX provides data density, resolution, and repeatability beyond what is possible with tactile measurement equipment, making it ideal as both a complementary technology or as a stand-alone metrology solution.

The open-gantry design affords more than 300 degrees of access to surfaces with 330 mm of space below the objectives providing easy accessibility to part areas that can’t be reached with other types of profilometers. The clearance beneath the objectives also provides ample room for all types of custom fixtures and mounts.

NPFLEX is designed specifically for investigating widely varying sample sizes and shapes without damaging the sample. Insensitive to material type, the system’s WLI technology provides 3D, non-contact measurements of virtually any surface feature. NPFLEX includes a high-resolution CCD camera option for color imaging. The system offers an automated focus finder, white balancing that enables RGB color optimization, and 3D color overlay and provides the advantages of vivid color imaging with color data segmentation plus analysis.

NPFLEX is powered by Vision64 software incorporating the familiar Windows Ribbon design and a toolbar with Windows 7 functionality and features. Intelligent architecture supports an intuitive, visual workflow and enables extensive user-defined automation capabilities. Vision64’s Data Analyzer and Analysis Toolbox epitomize power and simplicity and incorporates industry-specific analysis routines and ISO standards. Specialized software capabilities support the operator’s efforts for a streamlined, efficient workflow.

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