November 25th ‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin

Hexagon To Acquire Volume Graphics

Hexagon AB has announced the signing of an agreement to acquire Volume Graphics, a market leader in the industrial computed tomography (CT) software industry. Volume Graphics brings over 20 years of experience in non-destructive inspection and testing software development. The company’s high-end analysis and visualisation CT software enables manufacturers to produce three-dimensional … read more

Flagship Optical Robot Measurement Launched

Flagship, from Logical Technologies, is an all-in-one metrology machine designed to be attached to any robot arm using ISO standard mounts. With its 12 meg Mpixel camera offering a pixel size of 3.45 and a compact field of view of 25 mm x 18 mm the Flagship sensor was designed to … read more

Recertified Laser Tracker Business Launched

API Services, one of North America’s largest nationwide providers of on-site metrology and Laser Tracker rental services has launched a Recertified Laser Tracker operation. API Services is a wholly owned division of Automated Precision, Inc (API) whose CEO, Kam Lau, invented the Laser Tracker. The API RADIAN Laser Tracker series … read more

Laser Measurements Aid Airbus A320 Structural Assembly Automation

Airbus has inaugurated its highly automated fuselage structure assembly line for A320 Family aircraft in Hamburg, Germany showcasing an evolution in Airbus’ industrial production system. With a special focus on manufacturing longer sections for the A321LR, the new facility features 20 robots, a new logistics concept, automated positioning by laser tracker … read more

Leitz Reference BX CMM Accelerates Blade and Glass Measurement

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched the new Leitz Reference BX coordinate measuring machine (CMM) designed for blade and glass manufacturers. The specialized system combines leading-edge technologies to accurately capture detailed measurement data across the entire surface of a free-form shape, while dramatically reducing cycle time. The CMM’s optical white … read more

Mahr Introduces New Vision Capabilities To Precimar Calibrator

Mahr has announced the expansion of its proven Precimar® ICM 100 Dial and Digital Indicator Calibrator with image processing, designed for the automated testing of measuring equipment. Existing Precimar Optimar 100 devices can also be upgraded with the new vision capabilities.  The ICM 100 is a proven solution for testing dial … read more

Software Cuts Tool Correction Times By Fifty Percent

ZEISS REVERSE ENGINEERING (ZRE) software offers a new and innovative option to significantly improve the tool correction process. Time-consuming iterations are replaced with actual measured values and proven algorithmic methods to reduce process time by over 50 percent. ZRE guides users through this software process step by step. To simplify … read more

Affordable Professional 3D Scanner Launched

Polyga has announced the official release of the HDI Compact S1 entry-level professional 3D scanner. The HDI Compact S1 captures high-resolution 3D scans with remarkable accuracy for a system at this price point. “Finding a professional 3D scanner that is affordable while consistently delivering high-quality results is difficult to find,” said … read more

Optical 3D Measurement of Depth and Diameter of Microvias

Optiprint is a supplier of highly innovative printed circuit boards for use in medical engineering, the automotive and sensor industries, and space engineering. When the company was probing the market for a non-contact, areal surface measurement system, Alicona’s 3D measurement systems attracted its attention. Optiprint now relies on InfiniteFocusSL in the quality … read more

Optical Measuring System Helps Quest For Highest Quality Standards

“How long is a piece of string” goes the famous English-language saying. It may be a good answer when no obvious answer otherwise exists. But when it comes to measuring anything, getting the figures right is often a crucial part to any successful undertaking. We know this from experience: the … read more

Gocator 3D Smart Sensors Supports Optical Character Recognition

LMI Technologies (LMI), has announced that the Gocator® 3D smart sensors now support Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Barcode Reading. These essential machine vision capabilities can be applied to a broad range of inspection applications where decoding characters or symbols is required. The Surface OCR tool recognizes and extracts a string … read more

SmartRay Launches 3D Sensor For Glass and Specular Surface Measurements

SmartRay, manufacturer of 3D sensors for quality inspection and measuring technology, has added to its ECCO 95 range with a new sensor designed to scan glass and specular reflective surfaces. Previously, the 3D scanning of these surfaces has not been possible, because the laser would pass through the glass. SmartRay expertise … read more

Laser Scanning Provides Digital 3D Cathedral Surveys

Just like people, buildings age, and regular diagnoses can detect health problems. With architectural preservation in mind, five cathedrals in France’s Loire region are being fully digitized in 3D. Once completed, these digital surveys will make it possible to extract plans and sections for future restorations, ensuring that these precious … read more

Laser Scanner Guides Adaptive Robotic Welding

Riftek has recently launched the RF627WELD laser seam tracking and measurement system enables precise control of the welding head position in robotic welding systems. The system harnesses the advanced features of Riftek’s Lamia application software, offers a choice of three РФ627Weld series 2D laser scanners to suit the required measurement … read more

Partnership To Advance Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing

Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have entered into a five-year cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) to gain a deeper understanding of additive manufacturing (AM) processes and materials using ZEISS’ unique 3D ManuFACT solution, a correlative multi-scale multi-modal workflow utilizing advanced characterization tools. Under the CRADA, … read more

Renishaw Launches Software To Improve AM Quality

Renishaw has launched InfiniAM Sonic acoustic process monitoring software to complement its InfiniAM suite of additive manufacturing (AM) monitoring tools. InfiniAM Sonic enables engineers to detect acoustic events within the AM build chamber and turn this data into useful information about build quality. The software is the first of its … read more

“LIsec” Lights AM LMD Powder Stream

Additive manufacturing systems can generate highly complex components, which could not be produced with conventional machine tools or only with great effort. Nevertheless, such industrial 3D printers are far from being standard equipment in factories. This is not just due to the purchase costs, but also to many other challenges. … read more

Dimensioning USA Thanksgiving Celebration

The United States is preparing for its annual Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday 28th November, with turkey the centerpiece of most family gathering meals. According to the National Turkey Federation about 52 million turkeys will be eaten on Thanksgiving Day. Turkeys are a large game bird native to North America and can … read more