Nikon Metrology Interview

Interview with Tomohide Hamada, Senior Vice President General Manager of Nikon’s Industrial Metrology Business Unit

Q: How would you summarize the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018?

The Industrial Metrology Business Unit was successful in growing sales, primarily of X-ray and CT inspection systems and CNC video measuring systems in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018. In addition, we strategically reviewed our product lineup to strengthen portfolio management. As a result, we decided to sell our CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) business, which included development, manufacturing, sales, and service operations pertaining to CMM. The transfer of these operations to Italy’s ASF Metrology s.r.l. was completed within a short period of time.

During the fiscal year under review, we also set up two demonstration facilities for non-destructive inspection and non-contact sensor 3D metrology systems. In June 2017, we opened a facility in India (Bangalore), a country where numerous automotive manufacturers have been setting up businesses, while we established the other facility near Nikon’s Yokohama Plant in October 2017. Together with existing facilities in Indonesia, Thailand, and other locations, these new facilities will provide customers in Japan and Asia with opportunities to experience the capabilities of Nikon products. We will be utilizing these facilities to increase presence of Nikon products boasting world-leading performance, and to stimulate demand for these products.

Q: What are your policies and targets for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2019?

As a short-term goal, the Industrial Metrology Business Unit will continue to increase its earnings power by growing sales of its strong-performing X-ray and CT inspection systems. Our medium-term goal will be to develop a solution proposal-based business with a lineup centered on non-destructive inspection and non-contact sensor 3D metrology systems, which are expected to see higher demand from a wide range of industries. By developing this business, we will accurately respond to market needs and thereby achieve ongoing growth.

The Industrial Metrology Business Unit has a wide range of products and serves customers in various industries and regions. Previously, we had devoted our resources equally to each product line, customer, and region. Going forward, however, we will adopt a strategy of selection and concentration by assessing our technological advantages and market potential. Those product segments in which we can anticipate growth will be allocated greater resources. As a reflection of this new policy, we completed a substantial reorganization in April 2018. Furthermore, we will seek to cultivate an organizational culture in which domestic and overseas Nikon employees actively communicate with each other to drive business activities as a united team.

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