Next Generation ProveGlove Wearable Scanner Launched

​ProGlove has launched its second generation of its intelligent glove. MARK 2, compared to its predecessor, it is characterized by the support of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a larger  scan range, a faster image processing and a significantly longer run-time. Smart Wearables are designed for use in industrial environments.

Barcode scanning plays an important role in manufacturing with many companies using the technology to confirm work orders or document process steps with mobile handheld scanners often used. Typically handheld scanners turn are clunky and unwieldy bringing unnecessary weight, must be turned off, and are often lost or quickly broken. This delays work  processes, leads to errors and affects quality. The smart wearables from ProGlove address these  problems and ensure greater efficiency, ergonomics, quality and process reliability. Employees can  easily trigger the scanning process, they no longer have to constantly search for the scanner, and  above all they have their hands free at all times.

In combination with  tablets, smartphones and other portable devices, employees can work hands-free and without a station. The 1D and 2D barcode engine is twice as fast and much more accurate than before. In addition, MARK2 offers up to 50 percent longer battery life. Depending on the application scenario and scan volume, two-shift operation is possible with one module. The increased scan range of up to 1500mm makes MARK 2 an ideal scanner for picking applications. The Instant Worker Feedback has also been improved: after the scan, employees receive visual, haptic and acoustic  feedback. “I firmly believe that industrial wearables will be the next big thing,” says Andreas König, CEO of  ProGlove. “There are clearly tangible added value for users in an industrial context. Our smart wearables save up to 4 seconds per scan. If one assumes  that hundreds or even thousands of employees often scan several thousand times per shift, this adds  up to a considerable volume. Our technology is Plug & Play, making it extremely easy to implement. It  ensures greater efficiency, quality and process reliability. Above all, however, it puts the human being  at the center and strengthens its role against the background of increasing automation.”   

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