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Next Generation of HD Digital Microscope Launched

To meet increasing demands for smarter, faster, and flexible solutions to complex inspection and measurement challenges, ASH has introduced the Inspex 3 HD digital microscope.

Inspex 3 is designed around the new ASH 30X HD Camera module offering a powerful, flexible, and intuitive HD digital microscope. From listening and understanding to the needs and desires of customers and channel partners, AshCam has been designed to meet the sophisticated specifications required in the inspection and measurement applications across a broad range of industries. The new ASH product solution delivers more value to the ASH channel and industry partners through enhanced ease of use, simpler control, and offer numerous other smart benefits.

The development of AshCam provides ASH with full autonomy over its camera technology platforms, allowing further development and customization of systems to meet customer requirements. This is a major technological shift for ASH and provides innumerable end-user benefits stated the company.  ASH can now deliver more relevant application-focused systems to industry.

ASH has developed its unique patented high-speed image processing algorithms to deliver exceptional image quality, super-fast focus speed, and smooth digital zoom that makes inspection simpler, ergonomic, and efficient for users.

Inspex 3 is the first ASH digital microscope system to incorporate the AshCam module, which is ideal for medical device, pharma, precision engineering and electronics industries.

Inspex3 Features Include:

  • Superb Full HD Image Quality
  • Super-Fast Auto-Focus
  • Manual Rocker Focus – allows inspection of ‘area of interest’ when in manual focus mode
  • SpotFocus – allows quick focus on ‘area of interest’ by simply using mouse pointer
  • True Colour Reproduction
  • Real-Time Lens Distortion Correction
  • No Video Latency
  • Image Stacking
  • On Screen Preset Buttons
  • 2D Measurement, Annotation & Graticules

ASH entered the digital inspection market in 2012 in response to both industry and customer needs. The demands of regulation, inspection verification, tracking and tracing has become more pressing across many facets of quality relation manufacturing.

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