Next Generation of Automotive 3D Clay Modelling Machine Unveiled

UK automotive styling machine manufacturer, ITP Group, has reinforced its commitment to innovation with the launch of a brand new machine, which has already generated contracts over £1million in value.

Known as the Studio Style 180, the new machine has been specifically designed around the requirements of many leading automotive design and styling studios.  With the launch of the Studio Style 180, new software is also available Studio Mill and Studio Tools which come with a host of features not available on standard software interfaces.

Studio Style 180 is a completely new concept and does not use any traditional rotating bearings compared to the 62 in previous machines. It is much easier to use, requires less frequent servicing and is designed to be extremely rigid and light in its operation. The new machine incorporates a high-precision recirculating crossed roller design and the very latest design locks and fine-drive technology.

“This machine has been specifically designed to accommodate the harsh environments of clay studios, special consideration has also been given to the requirements of the modeller too,” explains Dick Turpin, Managing Director of the ITP Group.

Studio Style 180 has been developed in response to working with many automotive manufacturers around the world and the company’s committed to continuing development and manufacturing solutions fully ‘in-house’ ensuring full control and maintaining high quality standards.

The Studio Style 180 also uses the very latest state of the art Studio Tools software package which is recognised throughout the styling industry as being the easiest to use and most efficient modelling software available

After 12 months in the making, the Studio Style 180, has been transformed from a vision into reality by ITP’s highly-innovative in-house development team, which includes Technical Director, Tim James, who’s been with the company for almost 30 years and Projects and Software Applications Director, Mike Haville. The team also includes Dick’s grandson, Ben Turpin, who was a key member of the design team.

Tim James, Technical Director, added: “It’s a major achievement, not just because it’s yet another example of our ability to lead the industry with our pioneering product innovation and development, it demonstrates our commitment to evolving technology to continually improve accuracy and reliability for our customers.  We’re celebrating our 40th anniversary and what better way to do it than by bringing a new machine to market. ”

Mike Haville, Software and Applications Director, concludes: “With the new Studio Style 180 we also introduce our new software which as with the machine, has been developed following feedback from our existing studio users.”

“What makes our systems the ‘systems of choice’ is for their ease of use yet with all the functionality required for studio model production or studio measurement and build functions.  We listen to our customers and work with them to continually improve software to make processes slicker and more accurate and genuinely welcome their input which is essential to make sure it works for them. Our software also requires less training – a critical factor when time and managing project costs is a priority.”

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