Next Generation 3D Dynamic Video Projection

EXTEND3D, a supplier of of mobile and dynamic 3D Augmented-Reality operator assistance systems for Industry 4.0, has introduced several innovative new features into its Werklicht 3D software platform enabling even more varied use of the Werklicht Pro laser and video projectors for the optimization of manufacturing assembly and testing processes. The projection of measurement data directly onto the work-piece makes work-intensive activity areas and communication processes in prototyping, assembly and quality assurance simpler, more effective and more cost-effective.

Interactive Detection Provides Interactive Visibility

Novel 3D algorithms solve the problem of occlusion interactively. This is particularly relevant when different areas are to be processed on complex shaped components. For any given orientation of the Werklicht Pro or Video Projector, Werklicht 3D software now shows immediately which mounting or test positions can be reached from the current perspective and thus supports the user in the optimal alignment of the workpiece or projector and saves unnecessary repositioning. Each work step is checked whether the associated projection is in the cone of view of the projector, component surface can be reached from an configurable projection angle or if there is no interference contour in the light beam. Interactive visibility offers improved versatile especially on very complex components.

Interactive GOM Interface For Measured Data Visualization

Results of 3D surveys and the resulting surface texture and precision values, as well as gap and flush dimensions, can now be controlled interactively from GOM Inspect Professional software and output to the projector. The new interface eliminates data export from GOM systems making measurement data presentation more interacti. Complex repositioning of the measuring markers in Werklicht 3D is no longer necessary as their position are now taken directly from GOM Inspect Professional for optimum display.with referencing is performed dynamically.

Photo Documentation

Werklicht 3D software is supplemented by an optional module for photo documentation, which simultaneously handles the documentation of the assembly or test steps. Status codes can be defined freely. The report lists either only the work steps with specific error codes or all work steps, each with an automatically recorded detail image, error code and comment. Additional overviews for the different projection perspectives make it easy to find specific work steps for later troubleshooting and rectification. A generic CSV interface is now available for importing projection data or target positions greatly simplifying data transfer from third-party software.

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