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New Trimos Business Unit Offers Portable 3D Metrology Solutions

Trimos has created a new business unit, named TRIMOS 3D, to focus on 3D measuring products that are used directly on the manufacturing floor. TRIMOS 3D is represented by two product lines namely the A-Line Portable Measuring Arms and the C-Line Portable CMM.

Both portable 3D measuring instruments are ideal for quality control, inspection, or verification of small and large size parts negating the need to move the part to be measured; instead just take the appropriate Trimos instrument to the part to perform measurements quickly and with great flexibility.

The range of Trimos A-line portable articulated measuring arms allow extremely easy and accurate 3D measurement. The A-line arms are certified according to ISO10360-12 or ISO10360-02 standard. Due to an extremely stable carbon structure, all models are light and easy to operate. Laser Scanners can be combined with the 7 axes arm variant for complex-profile contour scanning.

The new Trimos C-Line is the world’s first truly portable coordinate measuring machines (CMM) designed to be deployed directly in the manufacturing process. Weighing just 13.5 kg, the C-Line goes wherever needed. C-Line is delivered standard with the ControlCAT software, allowing users to perform many type of measurements including distance, circle, plane, line, and point. To take full advantage of the CMM performance other measurement PC based software are compatible including Aberlink, PolyWorks, CMM Manager, Verisurf etc.

The entry-level motorized C-Line offers 3 axis for basic measurements while the 4 axis variant provides for more complex measurement tasks to be executed.

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