New Super CatEye Reflector Makes Laser Tracker Measurement Faster and Easier

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has announced the launch of a new take on the standard reflector target (SMR) used by 3D laser tracker systems.. Designed to offer productivity improvements without high costs, the Super CatEye Reflector is a laser tracker target with an ultra-wide laser acceptance angle. This innovative new approach to reflector targets can be used to minimize investment in additional expensive equipment while also making current measurement workflows more efficient.

Functional at a distance up to 18 meters from the laser tracker, the Super CatEye Reflector delivers an extremely wide laser acceptance angle of 75 degrees from vertical around a full 360 degrees field of view which compares to a typical laser tracker reflector acceptance angle of just 30 degrees from vertical.

With this unique characteristic, users can minimize time-consuming laser tracker station changes or manual interaction with their reflector targets. They can also avoid the expensive typical alternative solution of installing multiple trackers or reflectors, or active-targets that require complexities such as separate electrical power, motors and encoders.

“We’re very focused on productivity improvements at the moment, and this new Super CatEye Reflector is something of an ‘outside of the box’ result of that approach,” says Daniel Moser, Product Manager for Laser Tracker Systems at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. “We’re in regular touch with many people using our systems on a day-to-day basis, and as a result of their feedback we determined that a reflector that didn’t need to be constantly adjusted could have a big positive impact on workflows. This new reflector presents just that, without requiring a large cost investment.”

The Super CatEye Reflector is compatible with Hexagon’s high-end Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 and AT930 systems.