New Compact PCIE PC CMM Controller Offers Stepper Channels

The Deva PCI Express CMM Controller is designed to meet the demanding requirements of the OEM and retro-fit coordinate measuring machine (CMM) market.  Full CMM functionality has been achieved on a single PCIE interface card, which integrates digital IO, Renishaw touch probe interface and fully featured probe cycle library.

Incorporating high speed, closed loop axis control within the PC, allows a highly cost effective CMM solution. On board signal conditioning circuitry ensures high precision, position measurement so that external probe conditioning controller equipment is no longer necessary.

The new Deva 004 PCI Express CMM Controller offers 2 extra stepper output channels designated V & W, 2 encoder inputs designated T & U and 1 additional motor output with integrated zoom lens driver making the controller suitable for both touch probe CMMs and multi-sensor Video measuring machines (VCMM).

Deva 004 PCI Express CMM Controller capabilities include:

  • 4/8 axes of servo control
  • 2 axes of open or closed loop stepper control
  • 2 encoder channels
  • Zoom lens power
  • Linear, circular, helical and spherical interpolation
  • 16/12 opto-isolated digital inputs & outputs
  • Fully featured integrated probe cycles
  • Comprehensive axis and move status monitoring
  • Joystick probe protection mode
  • Renishaw PICS A and PICS B connections

The Deva CMM controller is interfaced to most popular CMM software packages including Aberlink 3D, PowerInspect, Applied Automation Technologies Capps, PolyWorks, CMM-Manager, Nikon Metrology Camio, OpenDMIS and Rational DMIS.

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