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Nova ELIPSON Utilizes Advanced Raman Spectroscopy for Optical Materials Metrology

Nova has announced the launch of Nova ELIPSON, a revolutionary materials metrology solution. The new in-line standalone metrology platform is designed to measure materials properties such as stress, strain and surface for both Memory and Logic applications. Built from the ground up, combining breakthrough capabilities, Nova ELIPSON delivers new materials information and characteristics unmatched by any other in-line materials metrology system.

The evolution of semiconductors requires performance improvement in each new technology generation introduced to the market. Dimensional scaling is no longer the only method to deliver the performance required for advanced technology nodes today. Driven by the need to improve performance beyond dimensional scaling, materials engineering is gaining momentum in many production steps as part of the wafer fabrication process. Alongside the introduction of novel materials and compounds, new advanced process control capabilities are necessary to shorten time to market.

Nova ELIPSON utilizes advanced Raman Spectroscopy technology for Optical Materials Metrology (OMM) to extract materials properties of in-die structures by fast and non-destructive means. Since its discovery, Raman Spectroscopy has been increasingly adopted for research and diagnostics in laboratory environments. However, the exceptionally tight requirements on accuracy, stability, and reliability prevented adoption in semiconductor fabrication facilities. Nova has taken this technology to the next level, offering high metrology performance, field-proven reliability and an advanced algorithm suite, making this versatile metrology solution highly suitable for in-line high-volume manufacturing. Nova ELIPSON has been demonstrated on a rich portfolio of applications across all semiconductor segments.

Raman spectroscopy relies upon inelastic scattering of photons, in which light interacts with vibrational excitations (phonons). Vibrational modes of the probed material either absorb or enhance the incident photon energy, resulting in a wavelength shift of the scattered light. The Raman spectrum provides direct information on these vibrational propertieswhich are highly sensitive to various material parameters. Interpretation of the measured spectrum into metrology parameters of interest can be based on empirical rules, model-based or machine learning approaches. 

“Nova’s innovative approach is demonstrated again with the launch of this breakthrough platform. Materials engineering is becoming a crucial element in developing new semiconductor devices and our goal is to expand our Materials Metrology portfolio to meet the challenging demands arising from this technology evolution. Nova ELIPSON™ is the first significant milestone towards meeting this goal,” said Eitan Oppenhaim, President and Chief Executive Officer at Nova. “Investing in research-grade innovative technologies, such as Nova ELIPSON, represents a major strategic milestone to propel our organic growth and enhance our differentiated offering in evolving markets.”

About Nova: Nova is a leading innovator and key provider of metrology solutions for advanced process control used in semiconductor manufacturing. Nova delivers continuous innovation by providing state-of-the-art high-performance metrology solutions for effective process control throughout the semiconductor fabrication lifecycle. Nova’s product portfolio, which combines high-precision hardware and cutting-edge software, provides its customers with deep insight into the development and production of the most advanced semiconductor devices. Nova’s unique capability to deliver innovative X-ray and Optical solutions enables its customers to improve performance, enhance product yields and accelerate time to market.

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