New Handheld Portable CMM Launched

Polyga has announced the launch of the company’s first optical coordinate measuring machine (CMM), MeasureXL. The 3D measurement system makes it simple to set up and quickly probe 3D measurement points off the contours of a part.

MeasureXL consists of a wireless probe and a factory-calibrated optical tracker for an out-of-the-box accurate tracking experience. The 3D digitizer measures wirelessly providing users the freedom to measure. It doesn’t have any movement restrictions compared to traditional portable CMMs with articulated arms.

“Our team at Polyga has more than a decade of experience developing the HDI structured-light 3D scanners for taking millions of 3D measurement points in one scan,” said Thomas Tong, President of Polyga. “There are times when our customers just need to take a few measurement points quickly for work. That is why we decided to broaden our product line with MeasureXL. You need to use the right tool for the job.”

In partnership with its North American distributor, GoMeasure3D, Polyga identified a great opportunity to develop a cost-effective handheld optical CMM that is efficient at taking measurements while giving you plenty of space to work in. The portable CMM has a flexible measurement range for measuring objects from the size of a baseball to a car door.

MeasureXL comes with its own proprietary software to measure and create all types of 2D (arcs, lines, and splines) and 3D geometry, as well as angles, distances, and points. Results are displayed immediately inside the software as you probe. You can export all the data directly to IGES (CAD) or CSV (Text) for use in other software for industry applications including product design and scientific research.

“Reverse engineering packages consisting of hardware and software have traditionally been quite expensive,” said Paul Motley, CTO of Measure3D. “What’s special about MeasureXL is that it is fully integrated with Rhino 6 for Windows CAD modeling software to create an affordable Scan to CAD solution. Data taken from MeasureXL shows up in real-time inside Rhino 3D to create accurate CAD models in lesser time than designing them from scratch.”

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