New Generation Industrial CT Machine Launched

Wenzel has announced the exaCT U industrial computer tomography system for the component measurement on the production floor where 3D data of complex internal and external structures is required. With this new industrial CT machine introduction Wenzel is expanding its existing exaCT Series with a new system that sets new standards in performance and measuring volume.

The exaCT U can be used universally and designed so that each customer can tailor an individual system with the appropriate X-ray source and detector. Sources of 135 – 450 kV and services for all requirements are configurable in the mobile variant of the machine. Radiation sources whose performance would not make sense in a transportable CT system are offered as stationary systems based on the basic device and achieve unprecedented power and flexibility. With a large measuring volume of 700 mm in height and 300 mm in diameter, the exaCT U allows the measurement and testing of large components with higher densities.

Intuitive user interface provides fast results

The innovative system design offers a new operating concept and an integrated workspace with flat screen software monitor integrated into the units sliding part-loading door. Due to the intuitive user interface, precise measurement results can be generated after a short training period. The exaCT U is also smart as the system automatically optimizes measurement parameters.

The CT control and reconstruction software is developed by Wenzel Volumetrik to ensure high precision and fast scanning times. The data acquisition software ensures the optimized control of the computer tomography with the reconstruction software guaranteeing the exact calculation of the volume data.

Automated measurement in the production line

The evaluation software of the exaCT U has a direct link to the proven Wenzel software products, Metrosoft Quartis and exaCT Analysis allowing the system to offers numerous data evaluation possibilities including single measurement, materials testing, nominal-actual comparisons against a master component or CAD data, reverse engineering and compensation of shrinkage and warping..

In its performance class, the exaCT U is one of the most compact computer tomography systems on the market. With four independent traversing axes, it offers an impressive resolution (4000 x 4000 pixels). Hardware and software offer the possibility of automated measurement integrated into the production line and provides the answers to questions posed by the Industry 4.0 concepts.

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