New EinScan-Pro+ Handheld Scanner Showcased at CES 2017

A new era of real consumerization trend of the 3D industry has just begun: several innovative products are enabling users to digitally capture 3D objects and reproduce them more easily than ever before. With extensive experience, a large number of exclusive patents in the world of 3D scanning, Shining 3D brought its 3D technology to CES 2017 Expo in Las Vegas. On January 5th Shining 3D of Taiwan officially introduced its new EinScan-Pro+ handheld 3D scanner.

At CES 2016, Shining 3D launched its original EinScan-Pro 3D scanner. It featured four scanning modes optimized for consumer and commercial applications in manufacturing, engineering, design, development, testing, artwork archival, animation and even human form acquisition. The new EinScan-Pro+ builds on the industry leading line scanning quality of the EinScan-Pro, while introducing a great number of innovations at an accessible cost.

Enhanced capabilities include:

  • The Handheld high definition scanning mode (Handheld HD Scan) now adopts a new international proprietary technology, achieving a perfect combination of 3D scanning speed and acquisition details.
  • The range of single-frame scanning has been increased by a factor of 1.6 times, in order to offer a comprehensive improvement in the scanning speed, in handheld scanning mode.
  • The new R² (Rapid Registration) scanning module, which has been added to the handheld rapid scanning mode (Handheld Rapid Scan), can be activated in both the original EinScan-Pro and EinScan-Pro+. The R² is an optional paid module which needs to be activated after the purchasing of a license