New Budget Professional Grade 3D Hand Held Scanner Announced

peel 3d of Quebec, Canada has announced the launch of its new budget professional-grade handheld 3D scanner offering a scanning solution in its purest form as it offers no gadgets or unnecessary features provides high-quality 3D scans of small or large objects. First units are expected to ship by the end of October 2017. The peel 3d scanner caters to the growing need for sophisticated scanning capabilitiein an entry-level solution.

“In today’s marketplace, many professionals from designers to engineers to educational are looking for 3D scanners that are affordable, but also offer 3D scanning capabilities that go beyond the simplistic, entry-level products currently on the market,” explained Franois Leclerc, head leader of the peel3d initiative.

“The beauty of peel3d is that although it is a budget-friendly 3D scanner, it truly packs a punch in terms of functionalities and performance. The entire team is thrilled to bring a more-compelling 3D scanning offering to the entry-level market.”

The peel 3d scanner can scan most objects directly without any preparation and offers advanced features including automatic shape recognition, immediate file export, and ability to use stick-on targets to improve scanning accuracy particularly for flat surfaces.

Optimized part size for the scanner is 0.3 – 3.0 m and scans at a rate of 550,000 points/second with an accuracy of 0.250m . Scanner stand-off is 400mm with a 250mm depth of field and a scanning area of 380 x 380 mm.

The peel 3d scanner comes complete with software incorporating powerful tools and features normally only found in premium scanning solutions providing full control over finalizing scans and allows fast data processing including scan optimization,  model editing, alignment tools to align manually or using geometrical features.

The needs of entry-level professionals and 3D enthusiasts that require affordable 3D scanning technologies is solved by this new industry first cutting-edge peel 3d product. peel 3d is very affordably priced at $5,900 USD and is available through peel 3d’s website, enabling users to make high-quality 3D scans while keeping project budgets in check.

Benefits of peel 3d include:

  • A solution to scan many items directly without any preparation as it recognizes automatically the shape of objects.
  • 3D scanner can also can also use stick-on targets to scan the flattest and smoothest of surfaces.
  • Extremely easy-to-use. All users need to do is scan the object, edit the results and export the file.
  • A robust software tool allows users to intuitively clean up, improve, align, and export scanning data with an unprecedented level of design freedom.
  • peel 3d works with a wide variety of surfaces and materials, making it ideal for many applications including reverse engineering and design, science and education, art, heritage preservation and human body scanning.

peel 3d is powered by Creaform, a unit of AMETEK, Inc.

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