New Airbus Manufacturing Milling Centre Installs Robotic Scanning Units

Airbus has opened a new Manufacturing Milling Centre (MMC) in Hamburg at its Finkenwerder site, following a year of construction.

Brighter, more ergonomic, more interconnected than the previous facility, all processes for the production of wing corner fittings and special parts production for structural assembly are now located under one roof, from the milling shop to surface protection.

The Hamburg MMC stands out for its new system technology, in particular regarding the transfer of data for on-demand production which is now all-digital. This works both interactively and visually, such that staff in the Final Assembly Line (FAL) can see the real-time situation in the MCC and vice versa. Moreover, the optimised workflow ensures rapid transit between completion, collection of the fittings and their installation at the FAL.

In addition, quality inspections, which were previously performed manually are now automated with two robot-assisted measuring units employing 3D scanners from GOM.

Also contributing to the production efficiencies are two overhead cranes which allow the set-up of two milling machines at the same time. The new MMC location also improves the working conditions for the specially qualified employees, with large windows for more light and fresh air. In addition, the surface area of 1,100 square metres offers optimised ergonomic conditions and sufficient space for the required logistics areas.

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