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3D Laser Scanner Developed For Intricate Geometries

Kreon has launched the Zephyr III 50 3D laser scanner designed for high-quality digitization offering outstanding resolution and precision for small geometries. With its accuracy of 5 µm the Zephyr III 50 captures parts in minute detail much faster than traditional probes.

For all its precision, Zephyr III 50 offers uncompromised speed with high acquisition rates allowing it move quickly, ensuring decisive gains in productivity. With an exceptional resolution of 15 µm, the Zephyr III 50 can handle the very finest 3D details. Engraving, bores, threads, edges, ribs and grooves etc are where it comes into its own.

The Zephyr III 50 is backed by Kreon’s almost 30 years of experience in integrating 3D scanners with CMMs. Via Metrologic or Pantec CMM controllers, it can be combined with a wide range of CMMs available in the market. Metrolog X4 or Polyworks software is used to control its movements and analyze its measuring data. Machine programming and simulations based on scanned data can be performed offline enabling a production CMM to remains operational all of the time. Typically used with a multi-orientation probe head, the Zephyr III 50 can scan all faces of a part quickly and easily.

Whatever the application or type of part, the Zephyr III 50 scanner can handle the most challenging applications. Contactless laser scanning technology allows delicate and flexible parts to be analyzed without the risk of breakage or deformation. The blue laser can be used with any surface: metal or plastic, matt or glossy, light or dark, smooth or textured eliminating the need for powdering coating of parts, further increasing productivity.

The scanner’s precision means that color-mapped CAD comparisons can be generated with confidence and parts inspected thoroughly with complete GD&T analysis.

Highly versatile, the Zephyr III 50 3D scanner can be used with a wide range of machines: CMMs, measuring arms, robots or machine tools. A single Zephyr III 50 can be switched between different types of machine such as a CMM, and Kreon measuring arm. Specially designed for industrial environments, Zephyr III 50 is equally at home in workshops, production lines or in the measuring lab. Equipped with temperature compensation, the Zephyr III 50 is ready for use immediately, without requiring any warm-up period.

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