NeoGage Cloud Based Gauge Management Software Launched

Neogage is a cloud-based web application to support the measuring equipment management process. Neogage allows users to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and similar standards easier than ever before. Neogage allows users instant access to all their measuring equipment data using any device with an internet connection. Due to a unique and sophisticated interface working with Neogage is a positive experience providing ultrafast response and instant access to all necessary equipment data making daily management fast and efficient.

Advanced module of calibrations and scheduling actions offers many ways to efficiently plan activities. Equipment calibration dates may be set automatically based on fixed intervals or the counting of real usage days. All upcoming and due actions are listed in a reminder area and may be listed via the table view. Depending, if you perform internal or external calibrations, you may use internal calibration procedures as a base of your future actions. All records may be stored directly in calibration form (internal) or scanned calibration certificates (external). Automatic email reminders to all of involved personnel can inform current status.

Neogage takes full advantage of mobile technology making the application the ideal solution for those who operate in a large factory floor or at different company divisions.  QR coded labels can be scanned by Smartphone (with effective mobile view), instant access to technical data and latest calibration certificate is provided. More demanding customers will find use in such features as advanced reporting , data analysis or tool rental module.

Neogage is suitable for companies operating in any industry, and is applicable for management of any instrument types requiring scheduled control (e.g. safety tools). It doesn’t matter if there are just a few or thousands of devices to be managed. Neogage offers a powerful tool to keep them all under management control. Different packages allow customers to select the application features exactly needed to match the customer application and expectations.

Neogage is available for a limited period free trial.

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