Nanometer Laser Measuring System Inspects Surface Quality Parameters Inline

QISAB (QSO Interferometer Systems AB) is based in Halmstad, Sweden and was formed in 2013 as a spin-off from the research of professors Lars Bååth and Bengt-GöranRosén at the University of Halmstad.

The CWS 640 interferometer system is using coherent and incoherent scattering of laser light on an area to perform surface quality measurements in 1 ms range. The system determines surface roughness as well as structure, asymmetry and gloss among other parameters in a single measurement.

Today’s process industries see a future of accelerating development towards automation and digitization. The target concept for future industries is usually referred to as “Industry 4.0”. This is especially the case for the polishing industry, where today 90% is manual work. The CWS 640 replaces the manual inspection activities and the estimated gain of the new automatic methods is decreasing the polishing and measuring time dramatically with cost reductions of with to 50%.

CWS 640 offers a flexible totally integrated solution for robust industrial conditions suitable for the next generation industrial processes. CWS 640 addresses the production processes of grinding and polishing in many market segments such as Die & Mold, Automotive, Steel & Aluminium, Cutting Tools, Optics and Watch Makers.

The non-contact fast measurement system provides the following benefits and added value:

  • Objective measurements
  • Process and quality documentation
  • Possibility for process optimizations and shorter process times
  • Automating of previous manual processes
  • Inline surface quality/process control
  • Less scrap by early detection of surface quality problems
  • Enhanced tool maintenance and replacement scheduling

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