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Multisensor CMM Offers Large Part Inspection

The OGP FlexPoint multisensor Coordinate Measure Machine (CMM) feature the VersaFlex patented multisensor array that offers up to three simultaneously available sensors on an articulating probe head.

FlexPoint users gain the ability to measure parts with a scanning probe, telecentric optics, and the TeleStar interferometric laser without experiencing down time while individual sensors are exchanged in a sensor change rack, and with no requirement to recalibrate each time a sensor is used.

FlexPoint systems are designed as a true multisensor CMM for larger part measurement offering the widest range of sensors of any production CMM system.

The FlexPoint video probe provides completely non-contact measurement of complex parts using a unique QVI designed lens system and high resolution camera with integral illuminator. This assembly combines QVI’s long experience in precision optics and imaging in a compact and powerful sensor assembly for use on an articulating probe head.

The TeleStar Probe is a high resolution interferometric laser sensor with a small spot size for point or surface scanning.

FlexPoint CMM model designations reflect the true measuring range of the system, not simply the axis travel. Unique design features allow FlexPoint systems to offer greater measuring range for their footprint. An asymmetric X-axis bearing arrangement allows the carriage close proximity to the drive-side upright. The upright itself features a cast-in pocket in drive post which allows the probe head clearance to probe from within the pocket area. The outboard leg is offset from the quill, allowing maximum measuring range on the off-side. All these features are intended to provide the maximum measuring range within a compact footprint.

Measuring ranges of the 9 Flexpoint variants are from 700 x 700 x 600 mm to 1200 x 3000 x 1200 mm.

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