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Multiple Laser Line Scanner Captures 3D Data Without Markers

Chinese company Scantech has released its TrackScan-P42 3D system that adopts intelligent optical tracking measurement technology combined with high quality optical equipment. The system carries out ultra-high precision dynamic 3D measurement without markers. The 3D system can be applied to quality control, reverse engineering and product development applications.

Freely switching between multiple working modes, TrackScan-P42 is able to accomodate the different part scanning situations encountered.

17 crossed laser blue laser lines enable an ultra-fast scanning rate. 7 parallel blue laser lines capture part details while an additional single blue laser line collects 3D data from deep and angled holes.

The TrackScan-P42 scanner is manufactured from lightweight and durable aerospace-grade carbon fibre. Integrated multi-functional user buttons allow seamless operation.

Wide Extendable Scanning Area

The optical E-Track incorporates dual cameras which allows the system to reach a wider measurement area and dynamically scan the part. The system measuring range can be dynamically extended, while maintaining accuracy, by adjusting the position of the E-Track.

A wireless portable CMM T-Probe is also available to deliver additional flexible contact measurement allowing users to precisely captures high-precision 3D data on gaps, hole positions, grooves and comples surfaces.

The system can also be integrated with an industrial robot allowing the TrackScan-P42 to be used for automated inline 3D production inspection applications.

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