Multi-Sensor CMM Software Undergoes Seamless Transition

Metrology software has challenges in most application environments… and LK Metrology’s new 8.5 version of their CAMIO CMM software has a range of new features to help meet those challenges.

The CAMIO software has become the “software of choice” for many of the world’s largest manufacturers because it allows the user to focus on accelerating lead times and improving product quality. Regardless of whether inspecting stamped, molded or machined parts, CAMIO drives accurate and efficient inspection programs for geometric features along with full surface analysis with Part-to-CAD comparisons. CAMIO’s interoperability across CMM platforms, sensor technology and manufacturing sites becomes its unique advantage.

Dennis Freimark, LK Metrology’s North American chief software applications engineer explains, “Common practice is to provide a couple of new releases of metrology software like CAMIO every year, but in 2018 LK Metrology acquired the Nikon CAMIO CMM software business and needed to re-brand it, refresh the interface and implement a new licensing mechanism. While the re-branding took a significant amount of work and delayed the possibility for a 2nd major CAMIO release in 2018, we were still able to add many new features and enhancements for our customers.”

Several of the significant additions were; 1) The new ability to interface with Geomagic’s® 3D-data processing software that is used in 3D scanning solutions to create accurate models from scanner data, or for quality control and measurement applications; 2) Support for the Renishaw PHS1 servo positioning probe head system along with the ACR2 auto-change rack. ACR2 is a modular extension arm change system for the PHS1 head that allows any number of racks to be positioned anywhere within the machine volume. 3) Support for the Renishaw SP80 fixed scanning head; 4) Changes to the docking behavior of the software windows to allow users to more easily customize the software interface for a specific task or application

Freimark adds, “The shift from Nikon CAMIO to LK Metrology CAMIO has been a smooth transition for our customers, and the new 8.5 version incorporates many of the needed enhancements that provides CMM users with greater measurement flexibility for better product conformance.”

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