Multi-Sensor CMM Investment Proves Priceless For Tier 2 Supplier

Brandauer, one of the UK’s leading pressworkers, secured a £1 million order to supply a bi-metal lead frame to KSR International and, in order to satisfy exacting accuracy and quality, has invested £200,000 in state-of-the-art non-contact measurement capabilities.

This involved the installation of two OGP SmartScope Vantage 300 multi-sensor CMMs  , which through their multi-sensor technology, provide the ability to measure and report geometric dimension and tolerancing and guarantee repeatable precision in high volumes.

“Our customers choose us because we supply complex components to micron tolerances and OGP’s technology gives us a real competitive advantage,” said Rowan Crozier, CEO of Brandauer.

“The KSR International contract is a fantastic example of two businesses working together to deliver a solution to one of the world’s largest carmakers. Both parties have a clear understanding of what is expected and this led to the joint decision to house the Vantage 300s at our site in Birmingham.”

“It gives everyone in the supply chain complete peace of mind that the manufacturing process will be right first time and able to sustain volumes that could eventually lead into the hundreds of thousands.”

KSR International is an industry leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of products for the automotive sector, including sensors, electronic throttle controls and steering control units.

Gareth Stevens, Quality Manager at KSR, said: “Brandauer, on our behalf, purchased two OGP Vantage machines to ensure product precision was consistent. It was critical that we had a non-contact optical system that would integrate all of the measurement requirements necessary of a tier 2 automotive manufacturer.”

“You cannot put a price on the benefits we’ve experienced as a result of this investment. The CMM enables us to ensure product precision that is second to none and we can relay that back to our customers.”

OGP UK assisted Brandauer and KSR throughout the installation process and provided dedicated on-site training, support and programming to ensure full implementation in the shortest time possible enabling both businesses to seamlessly replace existing contact measuring methods quickly and efficiently, with significant efficiency improvements and long-term cost savings.

Brandauer produces high-volume, precision components for customers involved in automotive, electronics, medical, healthcare, construction and renewable energy sectors and provides added-value services, from prototyping and design, through to in-house tool production and specialist tool transfers.

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