Multi-Sensor CMM Gear Measurement Software

GearMeasure software enables the measurement of involute gears, as well as worms, worm wheels, and face gears. The method can be used to measure internal and external teeth and straight and helical gears.

The GearMeasure functionality for automatically measuring gear teeth on a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is fully integrated into the WinWerth measurement software.

Gear parameters and the measurement sequence can be easily edited with the user simply selecting geometric properties to be measured. Based on the entered parameters, GearMeasure automatically creates the measurement sequence, including CMM motionl paths and take into consideration if the gear is mounted on a rotary axis when creating the measurement sequence.

All parameters and measurement tasks are saved with the associated scanning paths and point distribution for later measurements. Result of the measurement is presented in a gear measurement report showing all gear parameters, such as profile and flank deviations, pitch, and run-out.

Automatic measurements with GearMeasure can be expanded with any scanning contour, and the results can then be evaluated together. The gear measurement report, with a graphic plot of the measured parameters, may be merged with other measurement results in an Office Report.

Gear measurement is fully integrated in the Werth multi-sensor CMM machines and supports conventional stylus systems, the patented Werth Fiber Probe (WFP), Werth Laser Probe (WLP), Chromatic Focus Point Sensor (CFP), and the Chromatic Focus Line Sensor (CFL). The software is also integrated into the Werth computed tomography TomoScope machines.

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