Multi Purpose Laser Tracker Calibrates CNC Machine Tools and Measures Parts

Marine Concepts is headquartered in Cape Coral, Florida with an additional facility in Sarasota, Florida. Between the two locations Marine Concepts has over 300,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space with state-of-the-art CNC machine tools providing a variety of composite and fiberglass solutions to customers from industries including marine, wind energy, aerospace, automotive, and entertainment theme parks.

In 2017 Marine Concepts analyzed their metrology department needs and determined to evaluate the latest metrology technologies available. The analysis concluded it could benefit from a Laser Tracker with extended capabilities that could not only inspect parts, but also maintain the accuracies needed to compensate its CNC milling machines. The company also needed to source equipment that would allow them to go beyond the base capabilities of an SMR (spherically mounted retroreflector) measuring system.

Automated Precision, Inc (API) introduced Marine Concepts to its Omnitrac 2 (OT2) Laser Tracker paired with the vProbe offering an in-line measuring accuracy of 0.0066mm at 20 meters. The OT2 would allows Marine Concepts to quickly gather accurate data on their 73’ long CNC machines with the added benefit of the OT2’s built in auto-lock capabilities negating issues with laser beam interruptions during measurement.

API Laser Tracker vProbe

Weighing just 11kg the completely wireless API OT2 Laser Tracker offered the perfect solution to Marine Concepts for measuring even its smallest manufactured parts. Prior to the Laser Tracker acquisition the company had to haul bulky equipment around and wait nearly 45 minutes before taking measurements; with the OT2’s easy setup and quick warm-up, they now can get measuring much quicker, measurements are performed in less time and increased accuracy. The added versatility of the vProbe also allows Marine Concepts to inspect grooves and scribe lines.

Overall, the OT2 with the vProbe have greatly improved efficiencies in the Marine Concepts metrology department.

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